Prochem International

Since the beginning of 2016, Egyptian Intergrated Services is officially the exclusive agent of Prochem International and we have the full authority to introduce and commercially offer ther products and services in the Middle East and the Africa Countries.


Prochem International

Procem International develops chemicals for the oil and gas industry which are functional in your formation, and friendly for the environment.



Procem International was founded July 1, 2013 to meet the growing demand of green and functional chemicals for the oilfield and waste oil recycling industry. With more than 45 years of experience in understanding the needs of these industries, Prochem has developed the appropriate chemical solutions to help improve your business.



The Prochem Green Product Line (GPL) was developed in accordance with the latest scientific research regarding the use of molecules from renewable sources to create functional oilfield chemicals. Prochem's primary goal is to provide non-toxic, biodegradable green chemicals which work as well or better than the traditional chemicals. Functional in your formation, friendly for the environment. Our unique green chemicals act where they need to in your well, without the risk of contaminating the soil or water.

Prochem's Conventional Product Line (CPL) consists of oilfield chemicals which were developed for applications demanding the use of molecules from traditional sources. It is in Prochem's DNA to continue our research making these chemicals greener than the market demands.

A complete overview of all products offered by Prochem Interantional is shown through the below link:

Prochem International Products



In keeping with their promise to a greener environment, Prochem strives to manufacture and source their raw materials locally, allowing for optimized service with a minimized carbon footprint.

Functionality of Prochem products will always go hand in hand with their drive to minimize exposure to the environment.


And also you can check Prochem website for more information about their company through the below link:

Prochem International Website


We are proud to announce that our office in Egypt is now representing big companies not only in Egypt ,but also in the Middle East & the Africa countries.

Egyptian Integrated Services is officially an agent for the following esteemed companies:



Clayton Steam Generators


It is well known that steam was the driving force during the days of the industrial revolution and was used to power the giant textile mills, steam trains and ocean going ships of the time.What is less well known is that steam plays an important part in many things that we take for granted in the modern world - from the smallest electronic component to the largest next generation power plant. Clayton Steam Systems are perfect for the world we live in today and Clayton designed and manufactured innovative steam solutions are suitable for all types of steam applications .

The Clayton story began in 1930 when the Clayton Company was formed in California, USA to investigate and develop new
concepts in thermodynamic and mechanical systems. Energy saving was of considerable interest to the founder William
Clayton who was concerned with fuel conservation long before the modern day awareness and effects of energy use.
The Clayton Steam Generator and Clayton Heat Recovery Boiler represent the most advance in steam production since the
advent of steam boiler technology. The designs have been continually improved over the years and the advantages of all
Clayton manufactured equipment have become even more relevant in the 21st Century. Development is a continuous process at Clayton Steam Systems where even higher powered boilers are being produced at much higher pressures and temperatures than ever before and applications for this astounding steam technology have
soared over the years.


Clayton is an international company with four manufacturing plants worldwide as well
as subsidiary companies and distributors throughout the globe.
Clayton’s World Headquarters is in City of Industry, California. Headquarters for Europe Africa & Middle East is located in Belgium. Headquarters for South America is in Mexico. Regional Headquarters in South East Asia cover Asia and the Far East.
Service for Clayton equipment is also available worldwide in at least 100 countries.


The headquarters and manufacturing plant for Clayton Steam Systems Europe Africa & Middle East is Bornem, Belgium. European branch offices and companies are in United Kingdom, France, Holland, Germany and Spain with agents and distributers throughout the region.
The European factory is a purpose built specialist manufacturing facility for Clayton Steam Systems where there is a unique blend of technicians, design engineers, project managers, process engineers, development engineers, chemists, controls
systems experts, quality engineers and site engineers. People of knowledge, experience and integrity.Manufacturing at the factory includes all of the operations necessary to produce the highest quality components that go into every steam system. This requires a flexible and highly organised design and production team and advanced manufacturing plant and machinery. The factory has also been awarded an extensive array of authorised
design and construction approvals and certifications.

Clayton Steam Systems manufacture the complete range of Clayton Steam Generators and Clayton
Heat Recovery Boilers.
The Clayton Steam Generator is a highly efficient, safe compact and flexible steam making machine that can start up from cold in five minutes. The available standard sizes are from 100 kW to 20MW with pressures up to 200 barg. The
Clayton Superheated Steam Generator has a
maximum steam outlet temperature of 460 degrees centigrade. Clayton standard and custom designed steam systems can be supplied as a fully operational plant. The Clayton range of Heat Recovery Boilers are a compact and efficient means of producing steam from the waste gasses of diesel engines, small gas turbines, incinerators, glass furnaces, enamel ovens,
stress relieving ovens and many other applications.

The technical benefits of Clayton Steam , Systems are second to none and a very large number of the worlds forward
looking companies and institutions that use steam in their production or processes already operate Clayton
Steam Systems.
Clayton customers include manufacturing companies, dairies, pharmaceutical companies, beverage companies, power stations, petrochemical companies, hospitals, shipping companies, aerospace, chemicals, textiles, automotive,electronics, food, horticultural, metal treatment, converting and many more.




We are the sole agent for ZFA TECHNOLOGIES in Egypt & Middle East since January 2016

Enhanced Energy Efficiency

The Natural Way to Enhanced Oil ;

Low cost of implementation
Long effective life-cycle
Fast effective reaction time
Immediately reflects benefit
No technical and financial risk
Non-toxic and environmentally friendly


Nowadays, the majority of oil companies are focusing on maximizing the recovery factor from their oilfields as well as
maintaining an economic oil rate. Although a typical primary / secondary (waterflood) oil recovery process recovers an average of around 35% of the original oil in place (OOIP), the rest 75% remains trapped in the rock.
Boosting oil recovery could unlock around 300 billion barrels of oil, according to the International Energy Agency. Enhanced
oil recovery (EOR) techniques can significantly boost production from existing fields.
Many companies, including major operators, spend most of time focus on EOR technology. BERO™ technology is a proven
bio-technology, starting initially in the Wyoming US and now expanding to numerous other regions of the country. Compared with Thermal intervention and Chemical EOR technology, the BERO™ is harmless to formation and it does not change any oil property or produce any derivatives. It’s a non-toxic and environmentally friendly new product and it won't be affected by shearing degradation, temperature, pressure, acid, alkali and water salinity. It will not bring secondary pollution but will extend the life of conventional reservoirs.


Biosurfactant Enzyme for Recovery of Oil (BERO™) is one of the leading worldwide
products for MEOR. It is a bio-enzyme with nonactivity preparation and water soluble. It has a very strong powerful ability in releasing the hydrocarbon (oil) on the surface of reservoir
rock particles.
BERO™, it utilizes genetic, cell engineering, and enzyme engineering techniques. It has a particular ability to release solid surfaces hydrocarbons from solid surface with high efficiency. It quickly peels off the crystal substances, paraffin and asphaltenes on the rock particles, after being injected into the reservoir. Some of the enzyme will attach on the
rock surfaces, create biofilm force wet ability to make the rock becomes humid, reduce the flow resistance of crude oil in the stratum gaps and release crude oil from surface of the rock particles.




Welding Machine

Miller Blue-Thunder 403”:

Input power : 230/400 VAC 3 phase

Rated output : 400 A 35% duty cycle

Output range : 60 - 400 A

Max Open-Circuit Voltage : 73 VDC

Dimensions : 980 x 410 x 650 mm

Weight : 115