Prochem International

Since the beginning of 2016, Egyptian Intergrated Services is officially the exclusive agent of Prochem International and we have the full authority to introduce and commercially offer ther products and services in the Middle East and the Africa Countries.


Prochem International

Procem International develops chemicals for the oil and gas industry which are functional in your formation, and friendly for the environment.



Procem International was founded July 1, 2013 to meet the growing demand of green and functional chemicals for the oilfield and waste oil recycling industry. With more than 45 years of experience in understanding the needs of these industries, Prochem has developed the appropriate chemical solutions to help improve your business.



The Prochem Green Product Line (GPL) was developed in accordance with the latest scientific research regarding the use of molecules from renewable sources to create functional oilfield chemicals. Prochem's primary goal is to provide non-toxic, biodegradable green chemicals which work as well or better than the traditional chemicals. Functional in your formation, friendly for the environment. Our unique green chemicals act where they need to in your well, without the risk of contaminating the soil or water.

Prochem's Conventional Product Line (CPL) consists of oilfield chemicals which were developed for applications demanding the use of molecules from traditional sources. It is in Prochem's DNA to continue our research making these chemicals greener than the market demands.

A complete overview of all products offered by Prochem Interantional is shown through the below link:

Prochem International Products



In keeping with their promise to a greener environment, Prochem strives to manufacture and source their raw materials locally, allowing for optimized service with a minimized carbon footprint.

Functionality of Prochem products will always go hand in hand with their drive to minimize exposure to the environment.


And also you can check Prochem website for more information about their company through the below link:

Prochem International Website