Mobile storage tanks

Rental with different capacity from 500 bbl up till 1000 bbl.

A - Tanks 1000 BBL

* Tank 1000 bbl technical specs.

1. General Notes

tanks, 1000 bbl capacity of each.

- Shell diameter 4750 mm x 9000 mm height.

- Tank tare weight will be approximately 14 Tones.

2. Fabrication

- Fabrication will be according to API 650

- Bottom plates will be assembled and welded by overlap joint

- All fabrication Inspection sequences such as (Peaking, banding, roundness) as per API 650

3. Inspection and testing according to API 650

4.The Quality control system for the tank will include

• QCP will be prepared and send to client for approval

• Radiographic testing procedure (application by subcontractor)

• Hydrostatic test Procedure

5. Load testing will be carried out according to BS 7072

- The tank will be tested with its certified slings up to tank weight capacity

B - Tanks 500 BBL

storage tank 500 bblFabrication, painting and testing of 500 bbl tank (6000 x 4750 mm) As the 1000 bbl spec